Mit ‘Bittrust’ getaggte Artikel

Bitcoin Shop Vienna

Mittwoch, 15. Februar 2017

Vienna hosts a global summit on blockchain technology in the energy sector.

I arrive in town a day prior the event. After wheels down my first stop is the newly opened Bitcoin Shop in Mariahilferstrasse. Literally in the middle of one of the most busiest shopping areas in Vienna, BitTrust  advertises the famous crypto currency in 2 floors. The product offering varies in an bi-directional ATM, prePaid Bitcoin cards and last but not least, notary certified cold wallets starting at 5000€ each.

But it’s not only about selling. The second floor is mainly for workshops and keynotes. BitTrust is going to educate walk-ins, business men and also please the community. What a nice concept, let’s hope it pays off!

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