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My other car is a reservation: Tesla Model 3

Dienstag, 08. August 2017

How I became a Tesla Model 3 reservation holder

For your information, I’ve worked for Audi from 2002 until 2009 in various positions, while the last one was by far the most exotic and illustrious: Product Placement. In 2005/6 I was based in Santa Monica, CA. As you might know, in movies they mostly drive the newest, coolest cars a manufacturer can deliver. In my case from S4 to R8, the whole nine yards. Having said this, I still admire Audi for its interior design, which still uses the highest qualities in any material used.

But the moment I left the company this desire faded quickly. I moved to Munich, where daily commutes suck big time. Here you ride a bike or the subway to work or to go places. The Porsche 911 Targa from 1985 in babyblue, which I bought in Los Angeles, was reserved for sunny weekends during the summer. Man, I loved that car with its sentimental value, although my interest in vehicles in general faded away. Until I kept on reading about Tesla and their uncomprimising approach. Just a few weeks prior VW’s #Dieselgate I wrote this post about the future of mobility. It only took me a little over a week to write down my train of thoughts in a second post about Tesla. The brand sparked my interest in cars again, or I got electrified so to speak. Lucky me I had the chance for a short test drive in a Model S plus a loan for a couple of days for two pieces for t3n digital pioneers.

There is absolutely no doubt, that the interior lacks the quality materials used in an Audi. It is also obvious that gaps between parts/ components are not as thin. But once you start rolling in a Tesla, those things become irrelevant immediately. The company manages to provide you an iPhone on wheels, combined with unthinkable torque and a good conscience on top of it. While Dieselgate unfolded, rumors of an affordable Tesla made the rounds. And it dawned on me, that my Porsche 911 must go for the inevitable future of mobility.

The day has come: 31st March 2016

Yes, I was one of those standing in line in front of a Tesla store on the morning of 31st of March 2016. I can’t tell you how shocked I was to see a line at 8:40. We are talking Munich, the home of BMW! And still, people were lining up for making a reservation for an electric car, which nobody has even seen yet and won’t go on sale for at least two years. The first in line have even camped out! Weird.

Around 10ish I reached the computer and placed two reservations. Of course I stayed up at night to watch the show. After the unveil I decided within a second, that I’m going to keep the reservations.

How to claim Bitcoin Cash on a Nano S

Sonntag, 06. August 2017

It’s been almost a week since the Bitcoin network split into two chains. Now there is

  • Bitcoin or $XBT or $BTC, which is the original chain
  • Bitcoin Cash or $BCH, which is the latest offspring

Everyone who held BTC in a wallet including the private keys to that wallet now also owns BCH. This event is also called „airdrop“. The universe has a gift for you, free money. Well, that is, if there is a market for it. BCH is traded on many exchanges now at roughly 240$ today.

I own a Ledger Nano S, which also offers me access to the private keys. There was a lot of confusion about how to claim the BCH with the Nano (S). The french manufacturer didn’t do a proper job in documenting how to to that. There are reports of people, who „lost“ their Bitcoins (which turned out _not_ to be true). I waited a couple of days to let the dust settle and claimed my Bitcoin Cash yesterday after a thorough research on the internet.

This is the site, you need to go. Follow the instructions step by step and you’ll claim BCH very easily. The trick (and misunderstanding from the manual posted on medium) with those buttons called MAIN and SPLIT is explained on the bottom of my recommended site. I followed through with the split, meaning, I’ve moved my BCH away from the main chain for security reasons to a split account. Now, I always have to choose Bitcoin Cash Wallet on the device and then in the chrome app:

  • Bitcoin Cash wallet
  • Split

because my coins are on the Split wallet. My Main is at zero, because I’ve moved my BCH. Please also be aware, you choose Bitcoin Cash app on the device before following through. Don’t move your BTH to an BTC address!